Film and Videos

Below are a list of the other films we have made. In contrast to the short comedy films, some of these productions have involved weeks of preparation, larger crews, higher productions costs and longer post-production periods.

Bound To Die (2012)

Staring down the barrel of a gun, hands behind your back. What would you do? Fight back or simply die? Execution style.

Freestyle Snowboarding (2011)

In December 2011, Cal travelled to 'The Chill Factore' in North Manchester to film with University of Manchester's Ski and Snowsports Society. Using the 'Twixtor' effect to create slo-motion effects and music from Dubstep DJ 'Zomboy', Cal created a short video showing the members demonstrating their skills. You can read more about it here.

The Cradle Will Fall (2011)

For our final year project, in order to demonstrate practical knowledge, we were required to make a portfolio piece to accompany a dissertation. Cal made a short thriller to demonstrate steadicam and other grip technology for Digital SLRs.

Modern Day Romance (2011) - Music Video

For one of our modules for our final year at University, we were required to make a music video. One of Cal's friends from back home is a singer/songwriter, so we collaborated with him to make a video for one of his songs.

The Innocence of War (2009)

One weekend, during our placement year, we decided to make a war film! We wrote it on the Friday, prepped the area and got the costumes on Saturday and shot the film on the Sunday. After sending it to film festivals across the UK and abroad, it won 2nd place at the Fargo Film Festival in North Dakota.

Bravo Rising (2009)

Bravo Rising marked the first time Ant, Cal and Paddy all worked together on a film. In second semester of 2nd year we were given free reign to make a 10 minute film about whatever we wanted to - so we decided to go big!

Wrath of the Undead (2008)

This is a short film made by Ant and Cal during 2nd year for a Video Editing module. The film had to contain no dialogue and be edited on Avid. It was shot one afternoon in Spring, with lots of friends and volunteers to play zombies.