Comedy Short Films

Zombie Dating Video (2012)
Stan, 26, tall, kind and outgoing seeking similar. Don't be put off by the zombie features, I don't even like brains

The Boss (2012)
Carl, a business man starting his daily commute, gets into a heated argument and shows how we all feel when technology lets us down.

The 'Feel The Burn' Series

Since 2008 we have been making a series of short films based around two characters, played by Ant and Cal. All the films are based on simple (and often silly) ideas, and all have been shot in no more than two days with a skeleton crew.

Over the four years we have been making these films the production value of the films and the quality of equipment used to make them have increased, but we still write the films based on the same principle: Two guys put in unusual situations and not quite reacting in the way you would expect...

Get the Duck Outta Here! (2012)
Mark is savaged by a beast on the loose. The guys must track down the beast and deal with it.

Sexy Trash (2012)
Two idle bin men unearth an embarrassing secret about one of the local residents.

Bloody Shame (2012)
A blood-soaked, hacksaw-wielding man seeks assistance when he has an accident in his apartment.

Moving Day (2011)
After an unfortunate furniture based accident, one man must adapt to a new way of life with the aid of his room mate.

All Tied Up (2011)
A man finds his flat mate tied up and gagged in a cupboard with the robbers still inside the house.

Corpse Blimey (2011)
One morning, a young man finds mysterious corpse in his bathtub. Together with his flatmate, they must decide what to do.

Dead Rude (2010)
Two guys discover an underwear sniffing zombie in their garden.

The Lost World (2009)
A ruler-flicking waster embarks on a mission with his depressed friend on an adventure of mystery and self-discovery. 

The Fiver (2009)
An in-depth discussion ensues after two men find a five pound note on the floor.

Lock and Load (2009)
Two students hear a suspicious noise in their house and decide to investigate in style.

Feel the Burn (2009)
Have you ever really needed the toilet, only to be denied due to an unholy housemate?