The Company:

Fearless Freak Productions is a film production company founded in 2008. It comprises of Ant Richardson, Callum Thomson and Patrick Shelton.

'The Innocence of War' (2009)
The three of us have experience working on feature films, corporate productions, live events and music videos, but our passion currently lies in short films. Fearless Freak Productions began with the making of short films for University projects, but quickly grew as we began creating projects in our own time. In the last few years we have made several comedy films, an award winning WWII film and a thriller, and we are constantly thinking of new ideas to put onto screen.

You can see all our work on our YouTube channel: fearlessfreakarc

The People:

Ant Richardson

Date of Birth: 13th May 1989
From: Harrow, Middlesex
Favourite Food: Cheese
Favourite Drink: Dr Pepper
Favourite Film: Edward Scissorhands
Favourite Fictional Character: Batman
Favourite Movie Quote: "Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?" - Reservoir Dogs
Hero: Sam Riami

Ant got into filmmaking fairly late on in life, initially wanting to be a musician, but after studying Film Studies in college his passion for film was ignited. Deciding that "people who can't make films, study films", Ant went in search of a course that would allow him to make films, falling upon Film Production Technology at Staffordshire University.

It was there he met Cal and the pair of them quickly started writing films together as well as shooting improvised comedy sketches in and around their halls of residence.

With his background in music, Ant easily slipped into the role of sound recordist as well as composing the score for some of the more serious Fearless Freak films.

Cal Thomson

Cal looking artistic in this monochromatic
self portrait with the Canon 550D
Date of Birth: 25th August 1989
From: Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire
Favourite Food: Chicken and Sweetcorn Pizza
Favourite Drink: Dr Pepper
Favourite Film: The Matrix
Favourite Fictional Character: Iron Man
Favourite Movie Quote: "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"
Hero: Robert Rodriguez

Cal originally discovered filmmaking at the age of 12 when he shot and starred in his own 'You've Been Framed' videos. He moved onto short action/comedy films and eventually took his teenage hobby to University to begin on his path to becoming a successful writer/director.

He met Ant in his first year at Staffordshire University. Cal and Ant began shooting improvised comedy sketches and short films alongside more serious dramas for their studies. He met Paddy in class, and in their 2nd year the three made a questionably good sci-fi action film titled 'Bravo Rising'.

Cal focused his dissertation on steadicam and Digital SLR technology. Alongside it he created a short psychological thriller titled 'The Cradle Will Fall', which had an official selection at the "Cornwall Film Festival", "Portobello Film Festival, London" and the "Deep Fried Film Festival, Glasgow".

Outside of the film-making Cal enjoys mountain biking, ultimate frisbee, photography, travelling and of course trawling through youtube videos till the early hours of the morning.

Patrick Shelton

Paddy being Cam Op on the set of a friend's film in 2011.
Date of Birth: 4th May 1989
From: York, North Yorkshire
Favourite Food: Apple Crumble and Custard
Favourite Drink: Manhattan (Perfect)
Favourite Film: Fight Club
Favourite Fictional Character: V - 'V For Vendetta'
Favourite Movie Quote: 
"No, what you have are bullets, and the hope that when your guns are empty I am no longer standing, because if I am you'll all be dead before you've reloaded." - 'V for Vendetta'
Hero: Christopher Nolan

Paddy first got involved in filmmaking when he was 10 by making stop-motion animations with his sister using Lego figures. From there he went onto making Jackass movies with his friends throughout his teenage years. His enthusiasm for film continued into 6th form, where he took Film Studies A Level and applied to Staffordshire University to do Film Production Technology.

At University, he made several terrible short films before meeting Ant and Cal in 2nd year and making an extremely ambitious, but ultimately badly-received sci-fi short film. Since then, he has continued to make films with Ant and Cal, which have been far better received.

Besides filmmaking, Patrick enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, working out, swimming, cooking, making cocktails and writing. He has spent his last four summers working as a counselor at a summer camp in North Carolina.