Monday, 5 December 2011

Freestyle Snow Sports

I have gotten to a point in my film-making career that I can confidently produce many different types of videos. I can shoot, edit and distribute promo and short films. The only problem now seems to be content. Original short films are great but to avoid being type casted as a one trick pony. I wanted to try something new.

The Chill Factore
I contacted Simon Bellamy from The University of Manchester's Ski and Snowboard Society (SKUM) asking if I could come along to a freestyle session one day. He happily invited me along to a small competition being held at 'The Chill Factore' in North Manchester

I shot the video in a few hours using a few different pieces of kit.

Camera: Canon 550D 720p 50fps
Lenses: 18-200mm 3.5/5.6 50mm 1.8
Stabiliser: Glidecam HD1000

The Glidecam HD1000 is an amazing piece of kit and is what makes the camera look as though its 'floating'. It does however take some practice to get good at it so be prepared to put the hours in, below is a blog post which goes into more detail about the glidecam.

To create the epic slow motion effects I used a plug-in called 'Twixtor'. Twixtor has the ability to slow footage down to 5% if not lower than the original footage. Twixtor then blends the frames to create a smooth slow motion effect. I did however shoot this video in 50fps to help twixtor out. I feel if its used in moderation it can really enhance a video so don't go mad with it. Just type in twixtor into youtube and you'll find hundreds of examples of the software.

The music was created by an upcoming dubstep DJ called 'Zomboy'. I contacted his management and said I would be interested in using his latest track 'Organ Donor' and would they oblige. They happily agreed for me to use the video as long as they got to see it first. This is my first large collaboration with another artist so hopefully it works out for the best for both of us.

Check out his awesome music on his Facebook page:

Overall I would like to thank SKUM, Manchester's Chill Factore, Zomboy and all the featured riders for their amazing skills.

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