Monday, 31 October 2011

Our Philosophy

The Industry
There is no doubting that the world of film has changed dramatically over the last decade or so, and is continuing to evolve as it adapts to new technologies and methods of production and distribution. More than ever, the "traditional" method of making films is being revised and rewritten by filmmakers who utilise new technologies to revolutionise the way their films are created and viewed.
As young filmmakers entering into the industry we must keep ourselves up to date with all that is new in the world of film. Not only that, but we believe that the best way for us to start our careers as filmmakers is to utilise the technologies that are now available to create and distribute content.

Short Films
Shooting on location for 'The Innocence of War'
Right now, the three of us are focused on the production of short films. We are aware that it is extremely difficult to make a career solely out of short films and that there is not nearly enough money in the production of short films to make a living off it in comparison to feature films. However, in our situation, we believe that they serve a different purpose: Short films allow a filmmaker to demonstrate their abilities to their audience, without the much larger investment of time and money required to make a feature film. They also allow the filmmaker to experiment with different styles and genres to gauge the reaction of their audience. As a result, we believe it is far more beneficial to make multiple short films than one feature film.

EDIT: We have started a podcast called Would You Rather. As the name implies, it involves the three of us posing two (often ridiculous) scenarios to each other, then picking one or the other, not before some intense discussion!
Our podcast is available on the iTunes Music Store. Just search 'Would You Rather' and you'll find us.

At the moment, like many filmmakers around the world, the main distribution channel we utilise at the moment is YouTube. As new filmmakers, our aim is simple: Have as many people as possible see our content as possible. Therefore, we believe that YouTube is a perfect channel to have our content seen by a global audience. Not only that, we are also able to hear how our audience reacts to our content through the comments section, which allows us to judge how well certain narrative or cinematic decisions have gone down with our viewers.
We have also had experience taking our films to film festivals. Two years ago, after completing The Innocence of War we began submitting it to short film festivals domestically and internationally. Although film festivals have a much more limited audience than that of YouTube, the audience compromises of other filmmakers, which means that the response and the feedback you get from your audience is very different.

Again, like many new filmmakers we have used social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote our work. With so many people in the world on them, it makes sense to use social networking sites to share our content with friends. Not only that, but these sites can allow views of your content to increase exponentially from a single post. For Facebook in particular, when any of your friends "Likes" or comments on your video, all their friends will be able to see your video as well.

What YOU Can Do
Most importantly: Watch our films! They're available for all to see on our YouTube channel 'fearlessfreakarc'. Our Podcast - Would You Rather - if available on iTunes. Just type it onto the search bar in the iTunes Music Store. It's also free. You can also find links to each episode right here on our blog.
We are always eager to hear back from you, our audience. Please comment on our videos on YouTube or Facebook and on iTunes for our podcast. If you like our work, great! Let us know what you like so we can continue to make content that you enjoy. If you don't like our work, we'd still like to hear from you and find out where you think we can improve.

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